What it's like to have a birthday near Christmas

It's the worst. or is it?


My birthday is like a week after christmas, so all my family members just get me a christmas present and say its for my birthday too

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Love/Hate the Holidays


Ever since I can remember. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with the holidays. For a couple reasons; one because my birthday is two days before Christmas. Thus causing the ever so famous bundled gift or people forgetting about my birthday all in all. I’ve tried so many years to organize…

Mine is 12/23 and I love it! It was a little less fun growing up as I could never celebrate my birthday at school with cupcakes on my actual birthday - it was always the week before, and a lot of my friends were not around to come to a party. So that was a little disappointing. But now it’s lots of fun. My husband’s is 12/30, so December is just one big festive time.

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Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas (The Regulars Band original song)

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Why I Love My Christmas Birthday

*I* care.

*I* care.